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Orpheus Cyber

Stand: E6-3
Orpheus Cyber

Orpheus specialises in providing comprehensive solutions designed to equip organisations with the tools they need for proactive cyber threat mitigation. Our platform integrates cutting-edge technologies with expert analysis to offer a deeper understanding of cyber risks and threats, ensuring robust protection against potential attacks.

Going beyond mere identification of vulnerabilities, we focus on predicting potential threats, identifying adversaries, and assessing live vulnerabilities to help organisations prioritise their security efforts effectively.

Utilising sophisticated technology, we gather, analyse, and process vast volumes of cyber threat intelligence data from diverse sources, both technical and non-technical. Our aim is to extend risk management capabilities to third-party relationships, enabling proactive threat mitigation across organisational ecosystems.

Recognising the unique reporting needs of each organisation, Orpheus provides different levels of access, offering tailored threat data, analysed reports, or strategic management-level insights.

Our Orpheus Vulnerability Severity Score (OVSS) employs cyber threat intelligence and machine learning to dynamically score every CVE, enabling organisations to filter and prioritise vulnerabilities actively exploited by adversaries. Additionally, our Machine Learning capabilities predict future CVE exploits, supporting preemptive defence strategies.

With our External Attack Surface Monitoring tool, organisations gain a comprehensive risk assessment, including review of breached credentials and typosquatting risks. This holistic view of the risk landscape aids in fortifying cybersecurity postures effectively.

Orpheus Cyber is committed to providing organisations with the proactive defence and intelligence-led approach necessary to safeguard against evolving cyber threats. Strengthen your security stance with Orpheus today.


9 Appold St
United Kingdom
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