Ezone Organiser & Hall Regulations

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Organiser & Hall Regulations

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Accommodation is usually in great demand and you are advised to book early. For preferential rates at hotels close to the event venue, Nubreed is our official accommodation partner. Please view available options here (update pending - please come back later)

Please contact your Dedicated Account Manager: contact@nubreedhotels.com 

Tel: 0114 299 3444 / Watsapp: 0753 569 2279


The consumption of alcohol within the halls during build up and breakdown is not permitted and anyone working under the influence of alcohol may be removed from the venue.

No stands at the show are allowed to sell or sample alcohol, either for on or off-site consumption.

Badges & Passes

Each Exhibitor will be required to wear an exhibitor badge to gain access to the Hall during the Build-Up, Open Period and Breakdown. Please note, these badges must only be worn by employees or temporary stand staff of the Company. 

There are no limits on how many exhibitor passes are issued but we ask you to consider how many people can work safely on your stand and who is best to attend when ordering in advance. Please order exhibitor badges here

All contractors wishing to gain entry to the Hall during Build-Up and Breakdown must complete this form to confirm you and anyone coming onsite has read and understood the CDM Regulations here. You will receive an email confirmation once complete, which you will use to gain access to the hall. 


Use of helium or gas filled balloons must be agreed in writing to the venue prior to the event. A £100 refundable deposit will be required for their use at the venue. Please contact Customer Success to make arrangements. 

The Organisers do not accept any responsibility or costs arising from the use of gas filled balloons becoming trapped in the roof structure or ventilation system at The BDC. You could be charged £250+ for removal of balloons.


Should you require cash dispensing facilities there are two cash points in the Business Design Centre as you enter the main hall, however transaction costs do apply. Alternatively the nearest banks are:

  • Barclays Bank Plc - 38 Islington Green
  • Lloyds/TSB Bank Plc - 19 Upper Street
  • Natwest Plc – 11 Upper Street

If you prefer you can use cashless options for payment at all food and drink outlets at the venue. 

Bike Storage

The BDC provides free, secure, cycle storage facilities for visitors in our on-site car park.

If you’ve cycled, or just want to freshen up beforehand, there are shower facilities freely available. Visit Stairwell F or ask our concierge team for directions.

Build Up & Break Down

Build up is on Wednesday 2nd November from 1600-2000. 

Please make sure to follow all regulations when entering and leaving the loading bay and Liverpool Street. 

Look for the ‘Goods In’ sign between Bromfield Street and Barford Street. All visitors must report to the security office on arrival.

Street parking restrictions apply throughout the event, enforced by police and traffic wardens.

BDC marshals will be available in the loading bay during the build-up and breakdown periods, as well as one hour before. 

The loading bay opening hours are:

Wednesday 2nd November: 1600-2000

Thursday 3rd November: 0800-0900

Friday 4th November: 0800-0900

The loading bay has several height restrictions to be aware of. If you would like to arrange a site visit before your event, please email Customer Success

Please leave the loading bay immediately after loading or unloading.

High visibility clothing must be worn at all times in the loading bay. 

Please keep your hazard lights on when moving and limit your speed to 5mph.

All rubbish must be taken away by exhibitors. We charge a fee to dispose of anything left behind.

Hire Transport & Contractors

Exhibitors should ensure that all hire transport drivers are advised of these procedures, prior to their arrival at the BDC.

Please ensure that you & your contractors are aware of your stand number and approximate location in the hall. Make sure you unload as quickly as possible. The BDC do not provide a trolley service so make sure you are prepared.


The show closes at 1600 on Friday 4th November 2022 and you may not begin breaking your stand down before this time. Once the organiser is happy that the halls are clear of visitors you will hear an announcement that breakdown may begin.

Breakdown is an extremely busy time with all exhibitors keen to get loaded as soon as possible. In order to ensure areas do not get over congested and the breakdown remains safe some control measures must be put in place.

We will do all we can to ensure delays are kept to a minimum and would request that drivers cooperate with the instructions provided.

There may be a short delay before commercial vehicles are entered into the loading bays and this can be for a number of reasons:

• Organiser requests to allow for public to leave the halls

• Removal of external exhibits to create more unloading space • Removal of temporary structures to provide better access

• Cars and cars with trailers are given priority to park at the rear of the halls, as they only take a short time to load

Whatever the reason we will do our best to get vehicles in as soon as we can.


Any cars or cars with trailers arriving for breakdown (or which are already in the car parks) should report to the traffic office at the close of show.

You’ll need your Exhibitor Badge to gain access (please order this through the link in the order forms page).

Please don’t arrive before the show close / published breakdown time, as queues can build up and cause congestion for other traffic around site. Cars arriving early will have to be turned away.

 So please help us deliver a great experience for everyone by following the guidance provided.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles arriving for breakdown should report to the traffic office in the first instance once the show closes.

Vehicles will be queued on a first come first served basis and released once there is space available. 

We’ll do our best to help keep any delays to a minimum. You can help us too, by only bringing in vehicles that are ready for loading and removing them from the loading areas as soon as they are loaded.

Business Services

If you need copying, full-colour or large-scale printing, we have a printing company based on the ground floor of the building. Please call Online Reprographics on 0207 288 6288 or email info@onlinerepro.co.uk.


The BDC is fully carpeted and therefore it is not possible to change the style of colour of the carpet. 


If you intend to use any chemicals, you must notify the organisers by declaring your activities on your health & safety declaration form. You will be required to submit a risk assessment and COSHH assessment, in order to comply with the venue’s regulations. COSHH regulations must be adhered to.


In accordance with Health & Safety regulations, children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the Exhibition Halls during the build-up and breakdown periods. There are no exceptions to this rule. With regard to the show open periods, please refer to Section 18 of the Children and Young Person’s Act 1933, which outlines the laws regarding conditions for children working. If you intend for a person under 16 years of age to be working on your stand you must notify the organisers in advance of the show. You may be asked to show a copy of the Employment Permit issued by the education department of your local authority.


Stand cleaning is provided by the venue as part of the exhibitors’ package. However, exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own exhibits. Anything left in the gangways will be treated as waste and will be disposed of.

Due to the increased risk of covid19 transmission exhibitors must have a detailed plan for cleaning their space which is included in their risk assessment for the event. 


A cloakroom service is provided during exhibition open days. Opening times are 30 minutes before show open and 30 minutes after show close. There is a cloakroom located on the main entrance and the Gallery Hall entrance foyer. A charge of £1 per item is made to customers for this service. 

Compressed Air

It may be possible to use gas (either inert or inflammable) or compressed air at the BDC provided a Method statement and Risk Assessment is submitted to the Venue Services Manager 4 weeks prior to tenancy for written approval. Compressed gas cylinders or vessels containing liquids or gas under pressure must be stored securely and in a position agreed by the venue. Only those cylinders required for immediate use shall remain on a stand. 

Covid19 Information

It is everyone’s duty and responsibility to ensure when working on the event, they evaluate their involvement, the potential risks involved and in particular, the risk of transmission of Covid19.

The BDC regards the health and safety of clients, staff and partners of paramount importance. For iinformation on the measures the BDC are putting in place and to plan your visit, please visit this link

Please ensure you have an effective cleaning schedule for your stand. 

We are regularly checking and updating information based on the UK Government, SAGE and the venues measures. Should you have any queries, please contact the Customer Success or our Health & Safety Advisor.

Data Scanners

Please visit the order forms page to order scanners for your event. 

For more information on the scanner app click here

For queries, please email: hello@jonas.events

Tel: 01865 893 560

Deadline Dates

For supplier order forms and deadlines, please visit the order forms page. Services may be available after the deadline date stated, however some of the costs may increase or availability may be restricted after this time.


Any deliveries or mail for exhibitors at the show should be addressed as below:

UK Cyber Week
<Company name, stand number>
<Contact name, mobile number>

Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street,
N1 0QH

You must ensure that a member of staff is on the stand to take delivery or sign for any goods. We are unable to accept delivery of goods on your behalf.

We are unable to accept deliveries before the start of the show tenancy.

Please ensure that anyone making deliveries on your behalf has been informed about the relevant procedures. These are detailed in the Build Up section. 

In order to facilitate storage, delivery & collection of items the BDC's recommended supplier is WES Logistics. They can provide early storage for items that need to be sent ahead of the event. The team will deliver items to stands at the start of build up period and will take care of storage boxes if needed during the event. Site will then arrange for items to be returned post event back to their owner.

WES Logistics
Email: andrew@wes-group.com
Mobile: +44 (0) 7884 266111



Demonstrations should be highlighted on your health & safety form and a risk assessment completed for your activities.

Crowding of the aisles, walkways and entrances by visitors watching presentations are not permitted. Where neighbouring stands cannot mutually agree on satisfactory level for such activities, the organiser will act as an arbiter. The Organisers decision is final and non-negotiable.

The organisers reserve the right to curtail practice, which they consider dangerous or detrimental to the show. Noise levels must be kept below 50 decibels and not cause annoyance to neighbouring exhibitors and/or visitors. In the case of dispute the organiser’s decision is always final. We reserve the right to disconnect the stand power.

Dilapidations & Damages

You are not permitted to fix to any part of the fabric of the building and charges will apply to any associated damages. Charges will also apply for paint spillage, abandoned carpet tape, etc.

  • In terms of rubbish anything that will not fit into a black plastic bag will not be collected by the cleaners - it will be deemed as abandoned waste and will be charged for.
  • Exhibitors are also reminded they are responsible for all shell scheme panels and will be charged for any damages through inappropriate fixings, painted panels etc.
  • The venue management will charge for any damage made to the walls, floors, paintwork, carpeting and other facilities. Therefore, exhibitors must protect the walls, flooring and fabric of the hall from damage at all times, particularly when moving materials or equipment and if painting or using other fluids on site.
  • Notices must not be affixed to the fabric of the building without prior permission. Sticky fixers, Blue tack, Sellotape must not be used on painted surfaces. Under no circumstances must cables, wires etc be attached or affixed directly to the walls or ceilings in the main exhibition areas. All Exhibitors need to be self-sufficient with regards to use and provision of equipment and the rigging/de-rigging of display material.

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) / Equalities Act & Disabled Facilities

The BDC and the Organisers endeavour to provide all visitors the same opportunities. The BDC aims to be fully accessible and user-friendly for disabled visitors. For more information, please visit https://www.businessdesigncentre.co.uk/visitors/accessibility/

Exhibitors should be aware that they also have obligations under the Equalities Act 2010 (which has replaced most of the Disability Discrimination Act) because Exhibitors are considered service providers. Service providers are required to make changes, where needed, to improve service for disabled customers or potential customers. There is a legal requirement to comply with the Act to ensure disabled people are not treated less favourably than people who aren't disabled, which include:-

  • Reasonable adjustments must be made to services and environments so that disabled people can access them.
  • Inaccessible features must be removed or altered
  • A reasonable alternative, or means of avoiding inaccessible features, must be provided.
  • Delivery of services by a reasonable alternative must be provided.

It is important to understand that access for disabled people is not only about physical access to buildings for wheelchair users but also includes access to written information for people with visual impairments and access to the same standard of service for all. Health & Safety legislation should always remain the primary concern whilst making changes under disability regulations.

This list is by no means exhaustive and must be used a guide only.


Dogs, other than special assistance dogs, are not permitted at the show at any time.

Electrical Services

Stands do not include any electrical supply unless you have a turnkey package. To order electrics, please visit the order forms page. 

If a supply is needed at the start of build then a temporary supply must be ordered for use during build-up and breakdown. Use of the venue’s electrical sockets is not permitted and cables must not cross gangways. Once power has been energised during build-up, it will be switched off each night, including the pre-open night. If you need power overnight, you will need to order a 24 hour supply.

During show open, power to your stand will be switched off 30 minutes after the show closes each day and will not be switched back on until the following morning. If you require 24 hour power, please arrange this with the electrical contractor. Once the show has closed power will not be switched back on under any circumstances, due to the hazards presented during the breakdown of stands. If you need a supply beyond this time, please arrange this with the electrical contractor, contact details can be found on the order forms page. 


On every block there will be an electrical mains power box. This will be placed on the wall of the stand, which is placed over the duct. The organisers will, where possible try to fix this so that it does not infringe on the stand aesthetics or on a stand with bespoke walling. Please do not cover this power box if it is fixed to your stand walling, as access may be needed at any time.


This Quick Reference Guide is designed to assist exhibitors in planning their power requirements, and if followed, will reduce the likelihood of problems occurring at the exhibition venue.

The list below indicates the sort of equipment that can be used with each of the power ratings:

One computer [or 2 x laptops]
A small domestic fridge
Four mobile phone chargers
Table lamp
Television and video
or any combination of the above using a single 4-way extension (maximum length 2m) subject to a total load of 500W

(1000W) is rated at 4 AMP AND CAN SUPPLY:
Small domestic coffee machine (750W – 1kW)
Small domestic steamer (900W – 1kW)
Small microwave cooker (750W – 1kW)
Vacuum Cleaner (800W – 1kW)

Jug Kettle (2kW – 3kW)
Catering coffee machine (1.5kW – 3kW)
Industrial Cleaners (1.2kW – 3kW)

Please Note:

The list indicates individual items that can be used with each socket, with the exception of the 500W socket above. All sockets are supplied on daytime power only unless 24-hour continuous power is requested and quoted for.

Actual power requirements will vary dependent upon the individual equipment used. All electrical equipment has a Rating Plate that shows its power consumption in Watts (W) or kilowatts (kW). You should carefully examine all equipment to be used and calculate the exact power usage before ordering your electrical power requirements.

If you are ordering a socket so as to be able to supply your own lighting arrangement(s), then in accordance with the regulations, the maximum power rating of any single lighting circuit is 1000W (1kW), so if, for example, you had 3kW of lighting on your stand, you would need to order 3 x 1kW sockets for this arrangement.

Under the current regulations it is not permissible to order a socket and use it to supply a consumer unit if you are carrying out the installation of your own electrical wiring and equipment. In these circumstances, you will need to order an electrical mains supply.


  • Light fittings must be secured using clips or heavy-duty electrical ties and earth bonded appropriately.
  • Light fitting flex must not be draped across the ceiling grid (if applicable), or left hanging in coils or wrapped around any part of a metal structure. Cable ties must be used to secure flex to the structure.
  • Spotlights/floodlights/halogen lamps, etc must be guarded and mechanically fixed, so as to prevent risk of injury to persons.
  • All lighting must be kept at least 300mm away from muslin/fabric ceilings and other combustibles.
  • Lighting circuits must not exceed 1,000 watts. They must not be looped or connected to power circuits.
  • Heavy fittings (over 1 kg) require a secondary means of support.

Socket Outlets

  • Only one 4-way extension lead may be connected to each socket outlet and the maximum length of lead permitted is 2 metres.
  • Extension leads must not be plugged into other extension leads (commonly known as ‘daisy-chaining’).
  • Block adaptors and drum reel extension cables must not be used.

Employment of Labour & Contractors

There are some services which the Organisers are bound within the terms of the tenancy to use. There are additional services where in the best interests of the show the Organisers have appointed Official Contractors. Grouped together these are: Electrical Mains, Catering, Water & Waste, Gas, Lifting, Internet, Security (not individual stand security).

Where no sole appointment has been made it is recommended that as far as possible, exhibitors should make use of the contractors named in the Ezone who will be available onsite.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure the competency of the contractor and his/her suitability for the work you are specifying in the exhibition.

All contractors and employers of labour operating within the exhibition site at any time shall comply with all statutory requirements applicable directly or indirectly to their activities.

NOTE: The Organisers reserve the right to stop work being carried out by any person where the work is, in the reasonable opinion of the Organisers, being carried out in breach of these regulations and the Organisers may require such person to stop work immediately and may direct such person to leave the exhibition.

Exhibitor Waste

We are committed to a zero waste direct to landfill policy at the event and so, wherever possible, we ask exhibitors to help us achieve this by minimising waste materials on their stands.

It is incredibly important to us that our event stakeholders take responsibility and make the most efficient use of resources by reducing, re-using, and recycling or recovering all their event materials.

Please do:

  • Reduce material waste by careful consideration of required amounts
  • Refrain from using single-use items
  • Use digital references where possible or well sourced, sustainable resources if that is not an option
  • Consider the environmental impact of any giveaways, including giveaways of products which are designed to be reused or recycled
  • Consider the lifecycle of materials on your stand and try, where possible, to implement a circular economy approach – e.g. using recycled materials and/or designing materials to be recycled after use
  • Reuse resources wherever possible rather than disposing of them
  • Recycle and re-distribute any remaining items
  • Consider environmentally-friendly transport (such as car sharing, public transport)
  • Encourage your customers or guests to bring reusable items such as refillable water bottles and coffee cups with them for use at the event

To further this, the BDC is a carbon neutral venue. All the energy used comes from 100% renewable resources. For more information on their sustainability policy, please visit https://www.businessdesigncentre.co.uk/about/sustainability/


The BDC provides Water, Foam and CO2 extinguishers to comply with standard regulations and are distributed around the venue. If you have activities on your stand which increase the risk of fire, you must order additional extinguishers.

Stand staff should be made aware of the location of all fire exits and alarm points within the hall and may request training on the use of fire extinguishers from the Fire Officers if required.

Fire exits must be kept clear at all times and no exhibits or packaging materials may be stored behind stands.

All materials used in stand construction / dressing must be fire retardant to the relevant standards – please consult the operations team for further information. No naked flames or LPG will be permitted without prior written approval.

First Aid

First aid facilities will be available during the exhibition at all times. The First Aid room is located on the Gallery Level - opposite the Gallery Hall registration desk.

In the case of emergency, contact the medical staff or a member of security on 0207 288 6666.

Floor Loading

Please see below floor loading limit per area: 

Mezzanine - 104lbs per sq ft / 5KN per sqm

Ground - 418lbs per sq ft / 20KN per sqm

Under no circumstances may the weight of any equipment or exhibit material exceed the maximum floor load. 

Food and Drink

Hospitality & Event Menu 

Tea & Coffee Menu

Good Eating Company own the exclusive catering rights at the BDC, so if you want to compliment your stand with any food or drink on the day, please contact operationsbdc@goodeatingcompany.com

Fees can be payable to Good Eating Company if you choose to make your own arrangements outside of their exclusivity arrangements with the BDC. Fees must always be paid on or before the day of the event.

Concession Fees can become payable if you are offering samples of food and/or drink outside of sampling guidelines, selling food or drink for consumption on the premises or providing your own food or drink to compliment your stand.

For more details on concession fees, please click here


Furniture is provided with turnkey stands but not shell scheme stands. Please refer to your contract and stand package details. Exhibitors may bring their own furniture, or it can be ordered from the order forms page. 


All exhibitors wishing to use gas must operate from the natural gas supply available in the Halls. If you are unsure of the availability of Natural gas to your stand, please contact customer success.

If you intend using a mains gas appliance, you need to ensure that (a) the appliance is certified by a competent person eg: the manufacturer; (b) the connection to the mains is carried out by a competent person and certificated (Copies of both certificates need to be supplied to the Organisers); and (c) that you have a fire extinguisher on your stand at all times.

Liquified Petroleum Gas may only be used when the LPG powered equipment being demonstrated is an item for sale by the exhibitor (eg Garden Heaters, barbecues) and following the consent of the authorities. The venue must be notified in writing at least 28 days in advance of tenancy of any proposed use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG may only be used with the written consent of the venue.

LPG may not be used for cooking purposes. 

Please inform the organisers if you intend to have gas of any type on your stand.

Shell Scheme Stands & Graphics

The finish on the wall panels is white Foamex. You may not fix anything to the wall panels using nails, staples or screws.

You can fix lightweight polyboard or card materials using double-sided Velcro, twin-stick pads or blu-tack. For heavier items, use support brackets or chain packs.

Shell Scheme Details

Octanorm is a modular system of aluminium poles and beams holding 4mm infill panels to form the stand’s walls.

The fascia is 175mm deep.

The ceiling is an open grid, with 70mm beams fixed diagonally over the stand.

The height to the underside of the ceiling is 2325mm.

The wall panels are 2500mm high x 990mm wide when fitted with poles and beams. The face size of the panels is 2340mm high x 950mm wide.

The poles are 40mm in diameter, projecting forward 18mm. They are finished in white using a powder coating system.

Hazardous & Excess Waste

Exhibitors and their contractors must remove excessive or hazardous waste at the end of the show, otherwise charges will be incurred.

Excessive waste is defined as: more than 2 boxes of literature, stand fitting material, pallets, material packaging and quantities of unsold stock or ‘give-aways’. Any exhibitor who leaves excessive waste at the venue will be charged for removal by the venue.

Hazardous waste is classified by the 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations as:
light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, electrical equipment and fittings, gloss and emulsion paint and their containers, cooking oils and their containers, aerosols both full or empty, oils and lubricants and oily rags.

Hospitality Catering

If exhibitors wish to provide visitors to their stand with hospitality catering, they are required to obtain the food and drink from the BCD catering department. Exhibitors are not permitted to bring their own food and drink on to their stands.
If, in the opinion of the BDC, an exhibitor contravenes this rule and provides a significant level of hospitality catering from their stand, the BDC reserves the right to charge the exhibitor a corkage or concession fee following an inspection by the venue’s food safety representative. Under normal circumstances, the venue will not permit third party caterers to provide corporate hospitality. 

Order form and menus can be viewed on the order forms page. 

You will need to follow food hygiene standards as usual but also consider any measures adopted by the hospitality industry following Covid19. This may include items such as pre-packed food & drink options, how items are served, not sharing equipment and crockery and whether sharing bowls of food are suitable.


It is a contractual obligation that you have a minimum of £2 million public liability insurance as a shell scheme or turnkey exhibitor. You must send a copy of your insurance certificate to your Customer Success representative.

Please note that items on site, either on your stand or in storage, or in transit to the show are not insured by the organisers and exhibitors must make their own arrangements.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Trademarks Act 1994 dictates it is both an infringement and an offence to deal in merchandise which carries another organisation’s trademark, without consent. Infringements may be dealt with in the civil courts by the proprietor of the trademark. Offences are ostensibly a matter for the police and trading standards office.


Exhibitors are not allowed to display or hand out any literature or material in any form from any area within the BDC other than within the boundary of their stand.

Lost Property

Lost property in the BDC is located at the main reception. Any item found should be handed to our Reception team. The property will be held for up to three months and all claims should be made to the Head of Security on 0207 288 6475.

Music Licences

It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to apply for the appropriate licences to play music on their stand. If an Exhibitor is found to be playing music at the Show without having applied for the appropriate licences, they will be asked to turn it off immediately and for the duration of the Show.

The licences are as follows:

  • Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL)
    Exhibitors who play recorded music, i.e. from records, cassettes, CD’s, etc, in public are required by law to apply for a Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) licence. PPL controls the copyright regarding the public performance and broadcasting of sound recordings on behalf of the record producers. The appropriate licence must be secured in advance to prevent infringement of copyright. To apply for your PPL licence please contact 020 7534 1070.
  • N.B. If you require a PPL licence you will also require a PRS licence
    Performing Rights Society
    Exhibitors wishing to play music on their stand by means of TV, video, slide, tape presentation, record, tape, or CD player or live musicians must hold a licence by law, issued by the Performing Rights Society (PRS). A PRS licence is granted on behalf of composers and music publishers. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to contact the PRS directly. Their telephone number is 0800 068 4828.

BDC Site Map

Click here to download BDC site map 

Organisers’ Office

The team at Roar B2B will be able to assist with any operational questions you may have over the upcoming weeks and months.

Onsite, the team will be based in the Organisers office located on the mezzanine level. 


There is a car park located adjacent to the BDC with 285 under cover spaces and ample reserved spaces for drivers with disabled passes. You can pre-book to guarantee a parking space by visiting https://www.businessdesigncentre.co.uk/visitors/parking/.

Car parking is charged at £3.90 per hour between the hours of 07:00 and 19:00 with overnight parking (19:00 to 07:00) charged at £2.50 per hour. Please note the car park has a height restriction of 1.9m.

For more information on the BDC car park, please click here


Security cover commences at 0800 on Wednesday 2nd November and no goods will be allowed on to the site before this time.

Although every reasonable security precaution is taken through the Build Up, Open Period, and Breakdown, The Organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, or accidents which may occur to any Exhibitor's (or Contractor's) property or personnel. We strongly recommend that any small or attractive items be kept under constant supervision and removed each evening. Your stand should NEVER BE LEFT UNMANNED at any time while the Halls are open.

The Organisers will not be responsible or liable for theft or injury - please see INSURANCE in this section.

Exhibitors are reminded to be particularly vigilant during the following periods: the last night of build-up; the first 30 minutes after the Show closes each day and the first two hours of breakdown.

The following points should be carefully noted:

  • During Build-Up: Once your exhibits have been placed on your stand, it is essential that the stand be manned at all times. Though The Organisers will do all they can to minimise risk, you are advised to take precautions yourself. Exhibitors needing extra security should contact the Organisers.
  • During Open Hours: All Exhibitors and visitors, in the interests of their own safety and security, may be searched and their bags searched on entering or leaving the building. We ask you to co-operate and insist your staff carry badges or passes at all times.
  • During Breakdown: Please do not leave your stand unattended at any time during the first few hours of breakdown or until all valuable exhibits or graphics have been removed. If you propose to leave anything valuable on the stand overnight, please contact the Organisers or Security.

Special Effects

If you are planning to use any special effects on your stand, you must inform the organisers as soon as possible by email with details of laser equipment, a drawing of the stand, location of the beam & a risk assessment. Please note 28 days’ notice will be required. 

Special effects include (but are not limited to) lasers, strobe lights, and pyrotechnics and smoke machines.

Stand Maintenance

Exhibitors wishing to carry out maintenance working during show open days must do so during the hour before and the hour after the show open times. Applications for extensions to these times must be made to the organisers in advance. Any charges imposed on the Organisers for such arrangements will be passed on to the exhibitor concerned. No work is permitted during the hours when the exhibition is open to visitors.


There is no storage within the halls. Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for the removal and storage of all packaging materials, cartons etc. Nothing is to be stored behind the stands or in changing rooms. This is a fire and health & safety risk.


Please bring your own trolleys as these are not available to hire from the venue. Trolleys are only permitted on the exhibition floor outside show open hours for the safety of visitors.

Traffic Rules

Vehicles entering the road systems of The BDC must conform to speed limits, road signs and the instructions below.

Failure to adhere to The BDC site traffic rules may result in vehicles being removed by The BDC Traffic & Logistics Department.

Instructions given by The BDC Traffic & Security department must be adhered to at all times.

  • High visibility clothing must be worn in the loading bay.
  • There is only vehicular access to the Loading Bay from Liverpool Road. Pedestrian access is prohibited.
  • Please keep your hazard lights on when moving and limit your speed to 5mph.
  • All rubbish must be taken away by exhibitors. We charge a fee to dispose of anything left behind.
  • No children allowed in the loading bay at any time.

Please report any dangerous activity to the BDC Traffic Office. 


Wi-Fi/4G Connection

The BDC offers free Wi-Fi throughout the venue (BDC_Openzone), however the system is designed to provide site-wide coverage and during busy events the signal strength can degrade and the capacity of the system becomes saturated with people making calls or using data.

If having internet is essential to your business, we would recommend ordering either hi-speed password-protected Wi-Fi coverage, wired internet connections or complimentary Wi-Fi access. Please visit the order forms page for more details on how to order.