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14 Jul 2022

APMG and The Cyber Scheme are to collaborate on assessments for cyber security

The Cyber Scheme and APMG are committed to improving entry routes and career pathways, which will be adopted as ‘best practice’ by the Cyber Security industry.  

Both APMG  and The Cyber Scheme are prioritising making career pathways simpler, more regulated and more accessible for people from a wide range of backgrounds. By following appropriate governance under internationally recognised standards,*  this joint venture will assure the exams they create will be of the highest quality and a benchmark for anyone wishing to further their education in this dynamic industry. 

Exams and assessments for career pathways will be available through The Cyber Scheme and APMG  for a number of international recognised schemes. APMG  are an accreditation body with an established relationship with the newly established UK Cyber Security Council, and both they and The Cyber Scheme are keen to develop a working relationship with the Council, helping to underpin the quality of service offerings as they are developed. 

The organisations will be working with the Sponsors of The Cyber Scheme, a consortium of industry thought-leaders and experts dedicated to the development and improvement of the Cyber Security industry as a whole.

The Cyber Scheme is a member of the Cyber Security Council and will ensure the standards we develop are fully aligned with the Council and the wider aims of the UK Government. Our mission is consistent with the UK Government’s National Cyber Strategy 2022, focusing on building a resilient Digital UK. 

Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG says: "There are thousands of competent Cyber Security professionals in the UK, but not enough. There are excellent cyber security university courses, but they cannot educate enough people. The main focus of this collaboration is to help people get onto the first rung of a career in cyber security; to build a workforce that over time can develop and grow into the wide range of cyber security roles that need to be filled. We look forward to working with Charles and his team to help make this happen" 

Charles White, MD of The Cyber Scheme adds: "I echo the sentiment from Richard; being able to construct a suitable entry-level standard with industry collaboration is critical to help thousands of people either career transition or join the workforce and to get themselves on the first rung of the Cyber ladder. 

In addition, our professional sponsors' ability to devise more modern standards that meet today’s market is vital. And so our collaboration with APMG allows The Cyber Scheme to be sound in the knowledge that any standard or qualification grades will have the scrutiny and due governance provided by the most reputable global accreditation and examination institute". 

*APMG’s certification and accreditation processes are developed and managed in accordance with a robust quality management system accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).  

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