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Dan Gericke

Dan Gericke

Chief Technology Officer, ExpressVPN

Dan is one of the few people in the world who has truly operated at many levels in both the defensive and offensives spaces. Dan’s cybersecurity career began in network engineering for the US military, and his subsequent career included government contracting working for companies like Lockheed Martin, URS [now AECOM], and Cyberpoint, as well as managing computer networks in Department of Defense hospitals. Dan had a stint in the offensive space, in Computer Network Exploitation and Cyber Intelligence supporting a United States ally in the Middle East focusing on counter-terrorism and protection.

Since 2018, Dan has been squarely back in the defensive world and is now the Chief Technology Officer for ExpressVPN, where he uses his mission-minded focus and unique insights to protect ExpressVPN customers and employees. Dan holds many certifications but values his CCIE in Security, Offensive Security Certified Professional and Expert certifications the most.