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Jasmine Eskenzi

Jasmine Eskenzi

CEO & Co-Founder, Zensory

Jasmine is a tech founder, mental health ambassador and creator, passionate about helping people to thrive in both work and life. Her journey has led her to launch The Zensory, a productivity and wellbeing platform that was born from recognising that not only her generation, but multiple generations around her were burnt-out, fatigued and living without focus and purpose. During lockdown, she consolidated the research from 200+ scientific papers and consulted over 20 leading neuroscientists to offer accessible tools to help people cope in highly pressured, stressful environments. The Zensory now shares their renowned techniques such as immersive soundscapes, breathwork, touchpads and more via their courses, workshops and mobile and web app, and is used by over 77k people worldwide. Jasmine has also previously co-founded Health Tech Hive, a global community of female innovators in health tech and has also conducted award-winning women’s health research. Jasmine formerly worked within NHSx and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity in the UK.