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Len Noe

Len Noe

Technical Evangelist, White Hat Hacker & BioHacker, CyberArk

Len Noe is a Technical Evangelist & White Hat Hacker for CyberArk Software; Len is an international security speaker has presented in over 29 countries and at multiple major security conferences worldwide.

Prior to 2001 Len was a Black/Grey Hat Hacker and learned most of his skills by practical application. Len has spent 28 years in the areas of web development, system engineering / administration, architecture, coding, and the past 9 years focusing on information security from an attacker’s perspective. He is on the cutting edge of the BioHacking attack vectors, using microchip implants in his body to compromise systems.

He actively participates in the activities of the Information Security Communities in Texas, the Autism Society, and many others.