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Louise Batty

Louise Batty

Associate Director, Stott & May

For more than two decades, I've navigated fast-paced, high-pressure sales environments, leading high-performance teams. Despite professional success, I reached a point where work excellence didn't translate to the impact it was having on my mental health. Transitioning into motherhood, I encountered unexpected emotional strain, prompting a swift need for change. Fuelled by a desire for knowledge I set about educating myself on both the mind and body to transform my own thinking! The result - an innovative side venture to help others drive performance success. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself aiding others through the toll it was taking on our psychological well-being. Despite facing my own setbacks with perimenopause, I remained undeterred. Adopting a holistic approach to Mindset encompassing meditation, cold water therapy, breathwork, and strength training, I sought balance amidst menopause—lessons akin to those imparted to athletes. My introduction to the transformative HRV (Heart Rate Variability) technique holds promise in revolutionising menopausal emotional management in work, sport, and life!
Observing a lack of support for individuals undergoing similar experiences, particularly in professional settings, I established The Menopause Athlete Method™. This comprehensive, science-backed methodology empowers both men and women to confront menopause head-on, reshaping societal perceptions of this life stage within workplaces. Gain insight into the science, leverage cutting-edge HRV technologies, and implement effective policies and recruitment tactics to become a pioneering advocate, elevating menopause awareness within the corporate sphere.