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Rob Young

Rob Young

Director, Quantum Technology Centre, Lancaster University United Kingdom

Prof. Rob Young is the Director of the Quantum Technology Centre at Lancaster University and the co-founder of one of its successful spin-out companies, Quantum Base Ltd. Researchers from the centre are developing a range of exciting new technologies, from compact atomic clocks and magnetic field sensors, to devices for improved metrology and information security. It also houses world-leading low-temperature facilities, which underpin the operation of many quantum solutions.

His contributions to this emerging field were seeded by a master’s degree in physics from Oxford University (2002), before moving to Cambridge to complete a Ph.D. (2005) in experimental quantum information processing with Toshiba Research Europe Ltd. In 2012, he was awarded a prestigious Royal Society Research Fellowship that rapidly accelerated his career. He has authored over 100 publications that mostly relate to the application of quantum technology to problems in information security. These have attracted both broad media and international commercial interest.