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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Achieving Preemptive Protection by leveraging Curated Threat Intelligence

17 Apr 2024
OT & Cloud Security
3. IT savvy

The escalating pace and complexity of AI-driven threats demand a shift in industry focus towards proactive defence measures. With the rapid decrease in the time it takes for threats to infiltrate systems, the efficacy of Detect and Respond technologies is being called into question. Ransomware perpetrators are exploiting this accelerated tempo, swiftly encrypting and exfiltrating data before detection. To counteract this trend, the next generation of cybersecurity solutions must harness threat intelligence, leveraging the collective knowledge of the industry to fortify network defences.

Key Takeaways:
• The limitations of single-source threat intelligence
• The true potential of threat intelligence is yet to be unleashed
• How eliminating reconnaissance traffic improves your cybersecurity posture
• AI-based tools are essential in defending against AI-based threats

Fergal Lyons, Senior Director Product Marketing - Centripetal

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