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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Anatomy of a Cloud Threat: Unveiling SCARLETEEL Attack

17 Apr 2024
OT & Cloud Security
4. Advanced skills

Cloud platforms play a critical role in modern business operations, offering scalable infrastructure and services. However, their widespread adoption makes them prime targets for cyber attacks.

In order to discover how threats assault cloud platforms, we will delve into SCARLETEEL. This recent threat exploited publicly exposed web apps and workloads, before shifting its focus to AWS resources. Utilizing IAM for lateral movement, accessing S3 and Lambda to steal proprietary software, and disabling CloudTrail logging to evade detection are just a few elements of its multifaceted attack strategy.

The adoption of all of these tactics underscores a broader trend: attackers continuously refine their techniques to target cloud platforms, involving an increasing range of services, and employing an advancing arsenal of tools.

Key takeaways:
• Understand the impact that cloud threats have on organizations
• Learn strategies to prevent and mitigate the risk of compromise
• Gain insights into best practices for real-time detection of malicious activities

Alberto Pellitteri, Security Researcher - Sysdig

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