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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Balancing User Experience with Cloud Security

17 Apr 2024
Prevention & Resilience
3. IT savvy

Cloud applications have become the lifeblood of organisations across the UK. The average company has 254 SaaS applications – many aimed at increasing productivity. But, for IT teams, they introduce more risk. And that risk that must be managed. Deciding what’s good or bad, safe or unsafe, allowed or restricted – and processing requests for each instance – is complex and time consuming.

Because of the challenges, only half of businesses can manage cloud application usage. Putting them at risk of data loss, GDPR fines, malware and reputational damage. So, how can security leads keep cloud productivity high whilst keeping it secure and simple to manage?

Join me as I look beyond traditional technologies to explore the secret behind balancing a frictionless cloud experience for end-users and peace of mind for security leaders.

Key Takeaways:

  • How cloud apps are creating a hacker’s paradise
  • How to preserve cloud productivity without the hassle
  • How security leaders are let down by traditional proxies
  • Getting the balance simplicity with granular controls for cloud applications right
Charlie Milton, VP of Strategic Alliances - Censornet

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