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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Cultivating a Zero Trust Mindset: Cyber Mindfulness Facing cyber risks in a fragmented, multi-tasking world

17 Apr 2024
The Inclusive Cyber Space

Did you know that multitasking and distractions are some of the leading reasons people fall for phishing and social engineering attacks? Research shows that multi-tasking, cognitive overload, and distractions make us more likely to fall prey to social engineering tactics. At this event, Anna Collard will share the findings of her research thesis on how our human pre-dispositions and modern lives make us vulnerable to attacks. The talk will explore how mindfulness practices can be used in organisation's security culture and awareness programs to "patch" our human operating system, help people stay safe online, while navigating modern lives full of distractions, emotive stimulation, and information overload. Anna will share practical steps on how to cultivate and embed a “Zero Trust Mindset” into daily routines, encouraging a mindful cybersecurity culture, proactive vigilance and a calm state of mind to defend against an ever-increasing flurry of manipulation and disinformation.

Anna Collard, SVP Content Strategy & Evangelist Africa - KnowBe4 Africa