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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Cyber Resilience, do you know what’s lurking in your data?

17 Apr 2024
OT & Cloud Security
1. Absolute Beginner

In the landscape of cybersecurity, organizations face an ever-increasing threat from cyber attacks, particularly ransomware. These attacks can cripple businesses, leading to downtime and significant financial losses. Despite efforts to bolster cyber security the stark reality is that a staggering 85% of organizations were unable to recover all of their data from their backups following an attack. Moreover, a concerning 89% of businesses take more than one day to restore normal operations after being hit by cyber threats.
This underscores the critical importance of investing in robust cyber resilience and recovery measures. This sessions will talk about the steps to cyber resilience to mitigate the business risk of cyber attacks and meeting regulations from the FCA or European regulations such as DORA and NIS2.

Ian Shave, VP, Data Resilience Technology Sales - IBM

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