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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Hurricanes, Hacktivists & HPCs: Building Resilience for the Compute Era

18 Apr 2024
Culture & Strategy
2. I've heard of ransomware

As governments rapidly roll-out AI-enabled tools for public service delivery the digital-security maturity gap widens. Infrastructure resilience often is secondary to the allure of being added to global indexes for ownership of sophisticated hardware. But in an age of geopolitical unpredictability, environmental shocks & back-up infrastructure in the hands of private tech companies, countries need a new path to cyber & cyber-physical resilience.

This talk looks at how countries navigate the new policy demands for cyber resilience from subsea cables, to clouds, and satellites for the future of compute access for AI ecosystems, how building tech-forward foreign policy and training tech diplomats can help prevent new digital divides, and understanding the role of private companies as geopolitical actors in internet infrastructure resilience.

Melanie Garson, Cyber & Tech Geopolitics Lead - Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

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