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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Leadership and Change with DevSecOps

18 Apr 2024
1. Absolute Beginner

In this session Sebastian will cover DevSecOps transformation roadmap development, planning for cultural change and how to apply academic leadership and change theories in practice. He will also discuss Leadership and Leadership development and succession planning to build a sustainable DevSecOps change. Finally, he will walk through Intrapreneurship and functional growth, demonstrating academic strategic and management research and how they can be applied internally with DevSecOps.

Key Takeaways:
• Explore some of the frequently neglected sociotechnical elements of DevSecOps transformation.
• Discuss organisational change management in the context of DevSecOps and why it is critical to a successful product security.
• Discussion on product security maturity assessments, roadmap planning, useful metrics, particularly around engagement, with the DevSecOps.
• Leadership and developing security engineering teams at pace.
• The role of product management when it comes to security platform capabilities.

Sebastian Coles, Head of Application Security - LRQA

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