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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Mixology, Multidimensional Information Spaces, and Risk Management

18 Apr 2024
Prevention & Resilience
3. IT savvy

A Deep Dive on the use of information theory and matrix mathematics to classify and categorise arbitrary datasets, from cocktails to APT groups aimed at IT and cyber professionals (Forensics and Incident response/Human factors).

Matrix mathematics is a well-established tool for analysis of varied datasets, and is both applicable to and under-utilised in areas such as risk management and attribution. In this session, Chris and James take the audience through understanding the basics of the mathematical models using a concrete, relatable example before showing how they can be applied to areas such as threat modelling, risk management, and analysis of APT group tactics.

Along the way an understanding of these mathematics will allow the audience to comprehend how modern AI systems function using the same information space and vector concepts, with vastly larger datasets.

Key takeaways:
• How multidimensional information spaces relate to everything from cocktails to modern artificial intelligence
• Understand how to apply matrix mathematics to risk management and cyber security threats

James Bore MSc CSyP, Managing Director - Bores
Chris Bores, Non-Executive Director - Bores

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