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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Fortifying Digital Ecosystems: Navigating Application Security Posture Management and Supply Chain Security

17 Apr 2024
Prevention & Resilience
1. Absolute Beginner

In today's interconnected digital landscape, organizations face unprecedented challenges in securing their applications and managing the complexities of their supply chains. This session delves into the critical aspects of application security posture management (ASPM) and supply chain security, offering insights and strategies to fortify digital ecosystems against evolving cyber threats.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Digital Ecosystems: Delve into the complex interdependencies within digital ecosystems, including applications and supply chains, and recognize the critical role they play in organizational operations.
  • Application Security Posture Management (ASPM): Explore strategies and best practices for effectively managing the security posture of applications throughout their lifecycle. Supply Chain Security Challenges: Identify the unique security challenges inherent in supply chains, such as third-party dependencies, vendor risk management, and the potential for supply chain attacks.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Standards: Navigate the regulatory landscape and industry standards governing application security and supply chain integrity. Discuss compliance requirements and frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST, and GDPR.
  • Emerging Technologies and Trends: Stay abreast of emerging technologies and trends shaping the future of application security and supply chain resilience, including automation, AI-driven threat detection, and blockchain-based supply chain solutions.
  • Continuous Improvement and Adaptation: Emphasize the need for continuous improvement and adaptation in response to evolving threats and challenges. Encourage organizations to regularly assess their security posture, update policies and procedures, and invest in employee training and awareness programs.
Raveesh Dwivedi, Application Security – Product Sales Director - HCL Software

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