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UK Cyber Week 2024

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Defence in Depth: Rethinking Resilience in the New Cyber Threat Landscape

18 Apr 2024
Prevention & Resilience
3. IT savvy

In a turbulent geopolitical landscape, where new cyber threats emerge on a near-daily basis, a new breed of proactive defence and remediation is vital. But what form will this take? Jay Gray, Head of Cloud Renewals and Standard Solutions at Exponential-e, will be speaking at UK Cyber Week, exploring how own CSOC and Cybervault solutions evolved in response to these challenges, and considering the impact of the newest NIST Cyber Security Framework, proposing a new approach to securing critical data and infrastructure in an era when β€œIt’s not if, it’s when”.

Jay Gray, Head of Cybersecurity & Cloud Solution - Exponential-e

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