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UK Cyber Week 2024

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The Weakest Link: Safeguarding Supply Chains from Third-Party Threats

18 Apr 2024
Prevention & Resilience
5. Cyber Pro

This speech will unravel the complexities of cybersecurity in third-party supply chains. Exploring innovative intelligence lead options to assess risk and enhance the resilience of your 3rd party supply chain. Attendees will discover ways to identify potential threats and implement effective countermeasures across their suppliers’ external attack surfaces. The discussion will explore traditional options for 3rd party risk assessment and present more proactive intelligence lead measures including the integration of breach monitoring and cyber risk rating as part of your arsenal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Third-Party Cybersecurity Complexity: This speech delves into the intricate landscape of cybersecurity within third-party supply chains, highlighting the challenges and risks associated with outsourcing.
  • Exploring Innovative Risk Assessment Strategies: Attendees will gain insights into cutting-edge intelligence-led approaches aimed at evaluating and mitigating risks within third-party supply chains, emphasising resilience enhancement.
  • Identification of Threats and Implementation of Countermeasures: The discussion will provide practical guidance on how to identify potential threats lurking within suppliers' external attack surfaces and effectively deploy countermeasures to mitigate these risks.
  • Transition to Proactive Risk Management: Traditional methods of third-party risk assessment will be examined alongside proactive intelligence-led measures, including breach monitoring and cyber risk rating integration, empowering attendees to fortify their defence arsenals against evolving cyber threats.
Stuart Barnett, Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence - Orpheus Cyber

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