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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Attack of Zones

05 Apr 2023

Discover the protocol being used for 92% of cyberattacks that more than 42% of organizations overlook in spite of it being foundational to all networks. This session will show how you can get more out of your existing security stack by taking a more proactive approach to unclassified threats. This shift-left approach reduces the ever-increasing pressure facing security teams by arming them with unparalleled intelligence before threats can impact the network and organisation.
Key Takeaways:

  1. How something that already exists on every network can help security teams
    2.That DNS shouldn't be seen as the sole domain of networking/server teams
    3.How DNS can map to frameworks like MITRE
  2. The techniques that enable proactive defense and reduced time to investigate
  3. What a โ€œshift leftโ€ security approach means
Gary Cox CISSP, Technical Director, UK and Ireland - Infoblox

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