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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Biohacker The Human Threat

05 Apr 2023

Biohackers exist and walk among us. Most security professionals would not allow users into their environment with offensive security tools. How do you address individuals who have surgically implanted such devices into their bodies? I have multiple sub-dermal implants that range from NFC, HID/Prox and RFiD devices. This allows me to become the attack vector. In this talk, I provide a brief overview of the types of bio-implants on the market and share various case studies on the potential damage malicious biohackers can inflict. I will also show demonstrations of attacks utilizing some of my implants in real world scenarios. As security professionals, we must anticipate the unknown.

Len Noe, Technical Evangelist, White Hat Hacker & BioHacker - CyberArk

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