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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Building Cybersecurity Into Your Corporate Culture

04 Apr 2023

In this session, I will outline why ingratiating cybersecurity into your culture is the best way to secure your company. I will go on to explain how to implement your awareness campaign to achieve a security culture, as well as how to manage and negotiate potential roadblocks. Lastly, I will detail the specifics you should consider when developing the content for your campaign.

This session will end with a demonstration from some of our own cyber awareness training material. My company’s training content is designed to make cybersecurity relatable and interesting through fun and interactive training videos, games and activities.

  • The importance of investment and buy-in from stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Detail the process of implementing your awareness campaign.
  • How to negotiate roadblocks and potential objectors.
  • Why must you consider maintaining your security culture an ongoing process?
Tanmoy Hossain, CTO - Bob's Business

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