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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Cyber Crime Post Pandemic - immunity starts with you

04 Apr 2023

A global pandemic heralded a massive change in the global security posture. Whilst some of the current concerns may seem remote, our obsession with the world wide web brings the threat of cyber crime into every home and every business. Wherever attacks come from, it is good people who are predominantly the facilitators. This session looks at why, where, when and how attacks are launched and how we can ensure good people will effectively deter the criminals.

Key takeaways:

  • Organised crime groups have professionalised “cybercrime as a service”
  • Put defence at the forefront of your digital footprint, it’s not an afterthought
  • One size does not fit everyone; awareness & training must be adaptable
  • Be rigorous on compliance, even within your own home!
Neil Sinclair, Formerly National Cyber Lead of Police Digital Security Centre

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