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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Deception Via Perception (From Blue Tractors to A Blue & Black Dress)

05 Apr 2023

What we perceive sometimes to be happening sometimes can be the opposite of what is occurring. We are not talking about magic tricks. Just how as humans we tend to see things we expect to see. Like an unknown person in your office with a clipboard & bored expression does not provoke as much concern as an unknown person in your office looking anxious & out of place wandering around. We will discuss how this happens and ways to protect your employees through education so they can properly detect & respond to these situations.

By watching a bank robbery in real time (via a hidden camera) the audience will see that even in high security areas people can still be a victim of their wrong assumptions. People will understand that while most people have biases they may not even be aware of they can be trained to spot suspicious behavior. People will learn that untrained workers are a serious threat. Yet workers educated in Security Awareness can be the biggest asset for a company's security.

Jayson E. Street, Hacker, Helper & Human

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