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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Effectively fending off cyber crime - how to create a sustainable security culture

05 Apr 2023

The attack tactics of cyber criminals are evolving rapidly. Current social changes, crises and wars are driving this development even further. The defence side must now also adapt to this - and keep pace with the innovative power of cyber criminals. In 90% of the cases, the attackers continue to focus on the human factor. In our session, Richard Jerome, Awareness Specialist at SoSafe, will tell you more about the latest trends in cybercrime and what really matters when building a security culture in your company - so that your employees become your organisation's active line of defence.
In this session, you can expect the following:
• How cybercriminals exploit hybrid working models for cyberattacks, threatening organisations' information security.
• What role the human factor still plays in defending against cyber threats and what influence you have on it
• How to build a sustainable security culture and which Dos & Donts you should consider in doing so

Richard Jerome, Director UKI, Awareness Specialist - SoSafe

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