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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Fighting AI with AI: Tackling the ChatGPT cyber threat

05 Apr 2023

The rise of generative AI is a very real cyber threat to organisations. Recent BlackBerry research found that nearly half of UK IT decision-makers believe we are less than a year away from a successful cyberattack being credited to generative AI technology. As an IT manager; are your defences in order? In this session, Baldeep Dogra explores why powerful tools like ChatGPT can be weaponised, and how fighting fire with fire – AI with AI – is the best form of defence.

Key takeaways:
• Stop the FUD; how much of a threat is ChatGPT to cybersecurity, really?
• How AI can also boost cyber protection – but be careful, not all AI is not created equally
• The future of AI is beyond our imagination, but how does cybersecurity fit into this?
• Why prevention and detection continue to rule supreme in combatting threats
• What should be on your cyber technology tools wish list for 2023

Baldeep Dogra, Senior Director, Product & Technical Marketing - BlackBerry