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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Hot or OT? The present and future threats to our hyper converged world

05 Apr 2023

In this session we will discuss the history and evolution of threats to Operational Technology, their past, present, and future. Learn how Industrial Control Systems, connected devices and even medical technology have become progressively more attractive to threat actors not only for their inherent potential for disruptive and dangerous direct attacks but also as a critical pathway into enterprise architectures. Discover how recent societal shifts like the pandemic and the Russian war on Ukraine have accelerated and transformed the threat landscape and how transforming visibility into observability is a powerful and effective response.

  • Why threat actors are targeting Operational Technology and their motivation
  • How geo political instability shapes the threat landscape
  • How attacks on Operational Technology are evolving
  • Why complete observability across IT, OT, IoT and IoMT is key to responding to today’s threats
Rik Ferguson, Vice President Security Intelligence - Forescout

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