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How a “Digital Twin” could Simplify your Security Posture Management

04 Apr 2023

Awash with threat and vulnerability intelligence but struggling to identify what really matters to you?

Today’s complex networking infrastructures are a minefield of vulnerabilities and potential threats. Tens of thousands of new ones are reported every year, and attackers are constantly looking to exploit them to target your business. But how do you gain a clear picture of what matters, where the weaknesses lie, and precisely how they could be exploited when the infrastructure is constantly changing and evolving?

Discover how you can use a “digital twin” to do the hard work for you and simplify your security posture management.

Key takeaways:

• What it takes to gain full visibility of your attack surface.
• Using dynamic modelling can help ensure compliance, automate changes, and prevent key assets from being exploited.
• How to quantify and report cyber risk in the language of the board

Bob Vickers, Sales Director, Northern Europe and Middle East - Skybox Security

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