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How Quantum Technology Will Improve Security?

04 Apr 2023

Modern society is underpinned by digital technology and information that is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated attacks, with massive data breaches on the rise(1). Quantum technologies are different from the digital devices we rely on today; they harness fundamental behaviour of the electrons and light they process to provide novel functions; provably secure communications, truly random number generation (for keys and passwords), authentication for devices at the atomic scale, and with quantum computing, an ability to attack digital encryption schemes.

This session will provide an overview of how and when quantum technologies will improve security and the current landscape of this exciting field.

  • Quantum technologies can help with information security
  • Devices using quantum security can (and have to) be practical and cheap
  • Quantum systems are already deployed and operational
  • Quantum computing poses a threat to current encryption


Rob Young, Director, Quantum Technology Centre - Lancaster University United Kingdom

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