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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Cybersecurity: How to Reduce the Risk of Cyberattacks

05 Apr 2023
OT & IT Cyber Security

Does your enterprise know how resilient it really is against cyberattacks? Or even what it means to be resilient?

Having sight of the potential risks your business faces is critical to long-term digital security. Apply the 5x5 risk matrix principles to your AD and identity environment, and understand how to reduce the risk to acceptable levels.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve at speed, cyber resilience must allow wide general protection, but also granular insights that security professionals can use to mitigate attacks.

In the current uncertain geopolitical climate, it is vital to have robust and comprehensive cybersecurity systems in place.  Identity continues to be one of the main targets for cyber attacks and bad actors, with Active Directory being at the heart of that”. As AD is a fundamental component of most business’s IT infrastructure, making AD as cyber resilient as possible should be a strategic goal.

Chris Thorpe, EMEA Cloud Solutions Architect - Quest Software