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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Managing the PR crisis – behind the scenes of cyber-attack

05 Apr 2023

The risk of cyber-attack is real and this can have devastating consequences for an organisation.

No reputation, no matter how long standing or hard won, is immune if you do the wrong thing in the immediate aftermath. You must find the correct balance between all out panic and obfuscation.

You must instil confidence that you did the right thing, responded appropriately and proportionately, and made meaningful changes to prevent reoccurrence.

Dusting off an old crisis handling manual, ticking a couple of boxes for an insurer or a regulator, and media training one or two board members simply doesn’t cut it any more.

You need a specialist team to work with your other experts – including lawyers and IT –to advise you on how to handle the crisis.

Key takeaways:

  • What is a crisis?
  • How do you plan for a crisis?
  • How do you deal with a crisis in real-time?
  • What lessons must you learn from a crisis to protect your reputation in the long-term?
Chris Gilmour, Co-founder - Tigerbond

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