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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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Pain, Policy and Pentesting: Connecting Penetration Testing to Business Value

04 Apr 2023

Compliance is an important part of a cybersecurity program. Heavily regulated industries are often a bigger target for cybercriminals because of their highly valuable data, which can mean investing heavily in time, costs and resources.

However, it’s important to shape new (or existing) policies to maximise the value of services like penetration testing while minimising the pain of these investments. In other words, it's about optimisation of time, budget and resources - all of which tend to be substantial challenges for security/IT teams across the industry.

Join NetSPI’s Director of EMEA Services, Sam Kirkman where we look into:

• What core business objectives drive the use of penetration testing.
• Understanding the common disconnects between the value penetration testing can provide and those key business objectives.
• Actions that organisations can take to bridge the gap and maximise the value that penetration testing provides them.

Sam Kirkman, Director of EMEA Services - NetSPI

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