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Puzzling through the XDR Jigsaw Pieces: Buzzword or genuine security movement?

04 Apr 2023

XDR. It’s the hottest domain in the cyber world right now and the biggest buzzword you’ll see plastered over LinkedIn and debated amongst security vendors. But ask around and you’ll find very few people truly understand the field and even fewer know what the initials stand for. Is it just a marketing buzz or is there a profound and significant movement occurring?
Join Elliott Went, Senior Enterprise Systems Specialist at SentinelOne as he helps us look
beyond the acronyms - explains the history and development of XDR practice, and
decodes the secrets of enrolling a successful XDR technology across your network.

Key Takeaways

  • What actually IS XDR, What does it mean in the alphabet spaghetti that is becoming security industry acronyms?
  • Where did XDR originate from and which direction is it headed?
  • How can you implement a successful XDR strategy within your environment?
Elliott Went, Senior Security Systems Engineer - SentinelOne