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Role of IAM and Log forensics in thwarting insider threats

04 Apr 2023

Cloud adoption boosts digital transformation for organizations embarking on a modernization program - the main reason organizations often opt for a hybrid active directory (AD) approach.

However, the other side of the coin to consider with the hybrid AD approach is that your network perimeters disappear. This is a critical factor leading to an increase in the number of threat incidents, especially insider threats.

To address this new challenge, organizations must build a unified security strategy with hybrid identity management and forensics at the center.

Join this session to learn:

  1. What the new network perimeter looks like in a cloud environment
  2. How organizations can balance application and data workload with hybrid AD
  3. Why is it critical to close the security gap in the cloud?
  4. The role of IAM and Log forensics in mitigating insider threats
Vivin Sathyan, Senior technology consultant - ManageEngine

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