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UK Cyber Week Agenda

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04 Apr 2023

In 1671, Colonel Thomas Blood broke into what should have been the
safest place on Earth - the Tower of London - and managed to steal the
Crown Jewels.

Today it sounds like an adventure story, but there are lessons that all
organisations can learn from this, and other heists which have happened
over the centuries, when it comes to protecting their data from
malicious hackers.

Computer security expert Graham Cluley offers practical insight on how
computer systems are being targeted, shines some light on mysterious and
elusive global crime rings that have made billions of dollars, and
describes the lessons that today's organisations should learn about how
to protect themselves from attack.

  • Real-life tales of heists and robberies
  • Learn how to better protect your organisation's "Crown Jewels"
Graham Cluley, Host, "Smashing Security" podcast - Cluley Associates Limited

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