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The Inclusive Cyber Space

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UK Cyber Week is thrilled to announce a ground-breaking collaboration, unveiling the inaugural track - The Inclusive Cyber Space. In partnership with NeuroCyber, renowned speaker Holly Foxcroft from Stott and May Consulting, and the award-winning The Zensory, we've curated speaker tracks and activities with a singular aim: to foster learning, forge connections, and cultivate a sense of belonging within the cybersecurity community.

Our esteemed speakers will delve into their experiences, sharing strategies for building successful Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), leadership modelling, and conveying the business imperative that propels innovation and ROI through strategic embracement across diversity across thought, ethnicity, socio-economic backgrounds, and gender representation.

Across two immersive days, The Inclusive Cyber Space is designed to provide actionable insights for implementation at work, engaging activities for self-knowledge, and opportunities to hear from industry leaders. Drawing from lived experiences and research, the focus is on the vital link between cultivating personal resilience and bolstering overall business security governance.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity! The Inclusive Cyber Space - a platform for learning, connection, and being.

Agenda at The Inclusive Cyber Space