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Why Should I Attend?

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Where UK Businesses fight back against cyber crime

At UK Cyber Week - Expo & Conference 2024, we believe that to close the knowledge gap between cyber experts and UK business leaders, we must work together. Policymakers, businesses, IT departments, cyber professionals, law enforcement, software developers, educators, and the media all play a critical role in safeguarding against cyber threats. That's why we're calling on everyone to join our community and help level up UK cybersecurity.

Our flagship event is completely FREE to attend and brings together world-class experts to demystify jargon, share the latest thinking, and equip attendees with the knowledge they need to protect their businesses. Whether you're a cybersecurity veteran or new to the field, you'll leave our event feeling empowered and ready to take action against cyber threats.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference - join us at UK Cyber Week today.


5 reasons to attend UK Cyber Week:

Join us at UK Cyber Week - Expo & Conference 2024 and discover why it's the must-attend cybersecurity event of the year.

Here are just five reasons to attend:

  • Gain valuable insights into the most pressing cybersecurity risks facing your business. Our programme is designed to address the real issues that impact you on a day-to-day basis, with no filler sessions or aimless panel discussions.

  • Learn proven strategies to overcome these risks and build a culture of security within your organisation that endures.

  • Identify the cybersecurity skills your business needs and learn how to acquire them, so you can stay ahead of evolving threats.

  • Meet and learn from world-class experts who are at the forefront of cybersecurity. Get actionable tips that you can implement right away to improve your security posture.

  • Network with like-minded leaders who are passionate about levelling up their cybersecurity and securing their businesses. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with industry peers and build lasting relationships.


Who Should Attend?

At UK Cyber Week, we recognise the ever-increasing challenges of online risks and understand that it takes more than just individual effort to combat them effectively. That's why we strive to foster not only a security culture but a vibrant community as well.

UK Cyber Week serves as the perfect platform for infosecurity enthusiasts and business leaders alike to come together, share their expertise, attend engaging seminars and even let loose at our parties!

Our events are designed to help: 

  • cyber security experts stay ahead of the game and learn how to effectively communicate their initiatives to board members.
  • IT professionals attend to gain a deeper understanding of the risks and learn how to thwart cyber-attacks.
  • Business leaders come to learn about the latest threats and protect their organisations.

By bringing these groups together, we create a unified front that is better equipped to tackle the cyber threats facing UK businesses today.

We firmly believe that by building a stronger and more connected community, we can create a safer and more prepared UK. Join us at UK Cyber Week and let's work together to safeguard your business from cyber threats as a team.

Business Leaders

Business Leaders

Four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months*.

However, only 13% of UK businesses are even aware of Cyber Essentials – which is considered the best first step to a more secure network, protecting you from 80% of the most basic cyber security breaches.

Of course, even that still leaves you vulnerable to 20% of the more sophisticated attacks, which are evolving and mutating all the time!

Understanding these risks is complicated but we are here to help, no matter what level your knowledge is.

Here are just some of the questions UK Cyber Week will answer for you:

  • How much does being safe cost?
  • What are the threats I should be worrying about?
  • How do I recruit the right cyber skills for my business?
  • How does cyber insurance work?
  • How can I convince the board to take this seriously?
  • What does a cyber attack look like?
  • What is the impact of a cyber attack?
  • Who are the hackers?
  • Other than data loss, what damage can be done by an attack?
  • What is social engineering?

Understanding the risks and the available strategies to defend your organisation shouldn’t be left to suppliers, junior members of the team or to chance – it's on you to lead this.

That’s why attending UK Cyber Week is an important step on the road to protecting your business.

Job titles: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, President, Vice Presidents, Directors

*Figures from The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)


IT & Cyber Professionals

IT & Cyber Professionals

This event is different. 

We’ll bring in the coolest researchers from around the world and provide brain blowing conference level content… for free.

UK Cyber Week will be the place to network, meet up and party with like-minded individuals and together, learn from the best in the business.

There will be big name keynotes, technical sessions, vendor sessions, panels sessions, demos, heated debates, meet ups and it will all end in a big party… what’s the worst that can happen!

Here are some of the subject areas we’ll be covering:

  • AI, ML, & Data Science
  • Application Security
  • Careers
  • Cloud & Platform Security
  • Cryptography
  • Data Forensics & Incident Response
  • Hardware / Embedded/ Firmware
  • Latest Exploits
  • Mobile
  • Network Security
  • Policy
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Social Engineering

If your job title has any of these words in it – UK Cyber Week is probably for you:

Cyber, Security, Info Security, Pen-Test, Red Team, Blue Team, Consultant, Engineer, DevSecOps, Analyst, SOC, Encryption, Data, Hacker, Risk,

Governance, IOT, Assurance, Auditor, Architect, Operations, Sys Admin, Network, Cloud, Threat, Researcher, Identity, etc…