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UK Cyber Week - Expo & Conference

We're embarking on a transformative journey to unite the cybersecurity and business communities like never before. At UK Cyber Week - Expo & Conference, our mission is clear: to foster collaboration by bringing world-class experts together, allowing them to share their invaluable knowledge, tools, and skills. Our ultimate aim is to empower individuals and organisations with the latest insights and cutting-edge strategies. Together, we'll fortify our teams, companies, supply chains, and infrastructure against the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks.

By participating in UK Cyber Week, you can engage with a specialised and enthusiastic audience, leading to potential time and cost savings.

Our event draws attendees from various stages of the cybersecurity landscape, actively seeking solutions for their current and forthcoming projects. With a substantial turnout of participants, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a discerning and highly focused audience actively seeking their next cyber solution.


Uncover the exhibitor experiences at UK Cyber Week - April 2023

Our 2023 show

Stats from UK Cyber Week 2023

UK Cyber Week 2023 brought together a wide variety of companies, including big tech names, innovative startups, and key industry figures.

Among our attendees, there were 35% business leaders, 35% IT professionals, and 25% cybersecurity experts. This mix of people made our event a vibrant and essential meeting place for professionals from different parts of the tech and security world, and this year is going to be even bigger!

So why not secure your spot for our 2024 event and be among the industry's elite and elevate your brand to new heights?