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UK Cyber Week - Expo & Conference 2024

UK Cyber Week will once again brought together the cyber and IT communities, alongside business leaders eager to enhance cyber strategies within their organisations.

Our 2024 event featured an extensive agenda with over 70+ cyber experts, hackers, and disruptors, as well as exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge solutions.

Attendees had full day of networking opportunities, engaging meet-ups, live demos, and the energetic Cyber House Party.

And the best part? Attendance remained completely FREE! Take a look at the breakdown below for a preview of what happened at our 2024 event...


Our Highlights from 2023



There were four free to attend content streams offering an extensive programme of conference-level content open to everyone .

Sessions are usually 20 minutes and there are three breaks in the program. 

Topics included: 

Cloud Security, Ransomware, Social Engineering, OT Security, Threat Landscape, App Security, Cyber Culture, Diversity and Inclusion... And Many More!




Our philosophy at UK Cyber Week is to choose the subjects which are shaping cyber security – the technology, the best practices, the cultural issues and the threats. We then look for the very best speaker possible who can offer insight into that particular subject. 

Our 2024 show, we were proud to host over 70 speakers – world class speakers such as Marcus Hutchins of Wannacry fame, Chritine Bejerasco CISO from WithSecure, the always excellent Rik Ferguson, Sky News’ Philip Ingram MBE, rising star Stephanie Itimi, BBC Lazarus Heist presenter Geoff White and Nat West Boxed CISO Kevin Fielder – to name but a few!

We had case studies, reverse engineering, panel debates, product demos, deep dives and fire side chats.


The Inclusive Cyber Space

The Inclusive Cyber Space - a platform for learning, connection, and being.

UK Cyber Week is thrilled to announce a ground-breaking collaboration, unveiling the inaugural track - The Inclusive Cyber Space. In partnership with NeuroCyber, renowned speaker Holly Foxcroft from Stott and May Consulting, and the award-winning The Zensory, we've curated speaker tracks and activities with a singular aim: to foster learning, forge connections, and cultivate a sense of belonging within the cybersecurity community.

Our esteemed speakers will delve into their experiences, sharing strategies for building successful Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), leadership modelling, and conveying the business imperative that propels innovation and ROI through strategic embracement across diversity across thought, ethnicity, socio-economic backgrounds, and gender representation.

Across two immersive days, The Inclusive Cyber Space designed to provide actionable insights for implementation at work, engaging activities for self-knowledge, and opportunities to hear from industry leaders. Drawing from lived experiences and research, the focus is on the vital link between cultivating personal resilience and bolstering overall business security governance.


Networking + The Cyber House Party


Meet peers from across the cyber and IT sectors at the 'Cy-Bar' open over the two days for networking and meetings.


Get ready to experience the ultimate Cyber House Party – an electrifying event featuring some of the most epic DJs in the game! Join us for a night filled with non-stop music, dancing, networking, and fundraising for the NSPCC.

Our Cyber House Party will feature an incredible lineup of DJs, each bringing their unique style and energy to the stage.

But this event isn't just about the music – it's also about giving back to the community. We're proud to support the NSPCC through our fundraising efforts, and we invite you to join us in making a difference.

In addition to supporting a worthy cause, Cyber House Party provides essential networking opportunities, helping you connect with industry professionals and expand your contacts.

Cyber House Party is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led event created in response to COVID-19, with 100% of donations going directly to charity via our Just Giving page:



Targeted Connections: Dedicated Meet-ups Alongside General Networking.

Specialised meet-ups were tailored for more focused networking in addition to our general networking areas.



ClubCISO - AI Survey Results: is AI a friend or foe?



WiTCHes Talk Tech - Cyber Edition brought to you by The Women in Tech and Cyber Hub.



SEIDEA - From Entry-Level to Leadership: How Women of Colour Navigate Mid-level Cybersecurity Careers


These Meet-ups were held at Olympia London, as part of UK Cyber Week - Expo & Conference 2024.

VR Experiential Security Awareness


Are you tired of mundane, click-next security awareness training that barely registers in your memory? Say goodbye to uninspired learning sessions and embrace a transformative approach with VIVIDA at UK Cyber Week!

An exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in cutting-edge VR experiences.

Step into a world where cybersecurity concepts come to life in vivid detail. From navigating through phishing attacks to understanding the intricacies of social engineering, their immersive virtual reality storytelling will transport you directly into the heart of the action.

But that's not all. Their dynamic challenges and customisable game-based experiences ensure that learners of all levels are engaged and empowered to tackle cybersecurity threats head-on.

Whether you're an organisation seeking to elevate your training programs, an educator aiming to captivate the digital generation, or simply someone passionate about cybersecurity, VIVIDA's game-based learning is your ticket to an unforgettable educational experience.


Cover Ops Zone - Lock Picking


Step into the world of cyber espionage and infiltration at the Covert Operations Zone, proudly hosted by KSEC during UK Cyber Week. Nestled within the "Cover Ops Zone" lies an array of challenges designed to test and enhance your covert skills.

Embark on a journey through the renowned hacker hardware store, where cutting-edge gadgets and tools await to empower your Red Teamers. From state-of-the-art penetration testing devices to covert ops equipment, discover the arsenal of the modern Off-Sec operative.

For those eager to master the art of physical infiltration, the Lock Picking workshop beckons. Delve into the intricate mechanics of locks and learn the clandestine techniques employed by seasoned operatives to bypass security measures.

As the ultimate test of your prowess, dare to take on the crack the vault safe challenge. Enter the realm of high-stakes espionage as you attempt to breach impenetrable safes using wit, skill, and cunning. Only the most resourceful and cunning agents will emerge victorious from this thrilling trial.

Exhibiting Cyber Solutions


Find solutions to the most advanced threats impacting today's businesses. 

Our exhibitors were everything from threat hunting and endpoint protection to cloud security and ransomware mitigation.