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EZone Shell Scheme Information 2024

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Click here for shell scheme specification sheet

  • Stands are built using 2.5m high white Octonorm with metalwork separating each panel
  • The fascia is 175mm deep.

  • The ceiling is an open grid, with 70mm beams fixed diagonally over the stand.
  • The height to the underside of the ceiling is 2325mm.

  • The wall panels are 2500mm high x 990mm wide when fitted with poles and beams. The visible side of the panels is 2340mm high x 950mm wide.

  • The poles are 40mm in diameter, projecting forward 18mm. They are finished in white using a powder coating system.

  • The stand will include carpet 


  • If required, exhibitors should send a request to the organisers for their fascia to be removed from their stand. The fascia is integral to the structural stability of the stands and therefore it may only be removed if the stand layout allows sufficient stability. Please contact Customer Success with any queries.
  • You may not fix anything to the wall panels using nails, staples or screws. 
  • You can fix lightweight polyboard or card materials using double-sided Velcro, twin-stick pads or blu-tack. For heavier items, use support brackets or chain packs.
  • Exhibitors must not hang anything from the ceiling grid without having first consulted with the official stand contractor to ensure that the weight loading and fixing is satisfactory and will not alter the structural stability of the stand.
  • Any damage will be charged to the exhibitor at full replacement cost.

The items listed below are not included with your shell scheme stand:

  • spotlights
  • furniture
  • electrical mains / sockets
  • rails, shelves or other stand fitting items

The above items can all be ordered using the relevant forms found in the order forms page.

Corner Stands
All corner stands will be open to the gangways along the front and one side. The fascia name board is overhead.

Island Sites
All island sites will have fascia to the perimeters with ceiling supports and vertical uprights within the stand where deemed necessary by the official stand contractor. No walling is provided as standard.