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EZone Turnkey Stand Information

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Your Turnkey Stand Package is  *

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Important Information

*If you have agreed a stand size which differs to one of the turnkey options below, please refer to the stand size in your contract or on the floorplan. If the change affects your graphics, please contact customer success to request a separate graphics specification.

Our Customer Success Team will send you artwork specs and guidelines.  Artwork for graphic panels will need to be supplied by the deadline provided by the organisers. 

Turnkey Information

  • Turnkey stands are built using 2.5m high white Octonorm with metalwork separating each panel. The size of the shell panels are 2,340mm x 946mm.
  • Unlike shell scheme packages, ceiling grids and fascias are NOT included on the stand. A corner brace may be required for stands with walls longer than 3m where there is no support behind. 
  • Under no circumstances must anything be nailed, screwed or glued to the graphics, shell scheme panels or metal framework of the stand. Exceptions are: two-part Velcro (hook and loop), blu-tack and double-sided sticky pads to fix light exhibits. 
  • Any damage will be charged to the exhibitor at full replacement cost.

The items listed below are not included with your turnkey stand package:

  • spotlights/lighting
  • rails or other stand fitting items
  • Internet
  • Catering

The above items can be ordered using the relevant forms on the order forms page. 

Please contact customer success if you have any queries

9sqm Turnkey Package 

turnkey 9sqm enhanced

Graphic Specs will be sent to you by our Customer Success Team.  

18sqm Turnkey Package 


Graphic Specs will be sent to you by our Customer Success Team. 

36sqm Turnkey Package 


Graphic Specs will be sent to you by our Customer Success Team