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Speaker Seminar Submission

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Speaker Form Deadline 28th February 2024

Please submit your speaker form through Lineup Ninja to us as soon as possible so that we can begin to promote your session at the event and raise awareness.

You should receive a link from , if you haven’t received this please check it hasn’t been caught by your junk filter and if so please white list this address for future communications regarding seminars. Alternatively, you can our content Manager Hannah at and she will help.

It is important that you get the content in for your session as soon as possible, the earlier you submit your content, the more marketing exposure you’ll receive and therefore more people should attend your session.  

If you have any difficulties accessing please email our Content Manager Hannah at

Seminar Session

Do I have a seminar session?

If you are unsure if you have a speaking session as part of your booking, please check your contract or speak to your account manager.

Planning Your Session

Who is in the audience

This year, we aim to captivate a diverse audience within the cybersecurity realm. Our focus extends to cybersecurity professionals, IT leaders, industry experts, and business leaders passionate about the latest innovations and strategies. We're committed to providing a platform that not only inspires individuals within the industry but also addresses the evolving challenges faced in their day-to-day roles.

In shaping your session, consider the varied needs and interests of our audience. Offer insightful ideas, cutting-edge strategies, and opportunities for meaningful connections that empower them in navigating the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity. Your contribution can pave the way for success in their ongoing efforts to safeguard digital environments and combat emerging threats.

What they want to see from you

When the audience attends a session, they want to come away inspired and enriched with genuine, actionable insights that they can take back to their job.
Generally, people don’t want to go to a seminar to hear a sales pitch, so instead invite them back to your stand to have a more productive conversation about their requirements.

The most compelling talks comprise a relatable problem and a non-obvious solution, and we recommend using real-life examples and the solutions used. Pro-tip, case studies are always popular!

Types of sessions for you to consider

There are many ways you can run your session, but you want to make sure that the audience is engaged and learning something but having fun at the same time! We’ve outlined the types of sessions you could run, and if you want to discuss any then get in contact with us!

  • Case studies: allows the audience to see how other companies deal with similar challenges that they are facing and provides them with practical solutions. You could bring a client along to help deliver a case study, for a fireside chat. Audiences (really) love to hear how a solution solves a problem in real-life cases
  • Presentations: the most common session, where one person presents on a chosen topic, using visual/ audio aids to enhance the session. You could include polls or games to make the session more interactive.
  • Panels: an audience favourite, involving 3-4 participants who have lively discussions with different perspectives around a chosen topic. As the sessions are only 20 minutes, we recommend keeping your panel to 3 people to have a good discussion.
  • Demos: a chance to showcase your latest creation. Bring enthusiasm and engage the audience. We recommend that you don’t do a live demo but screen record and insert it as part of your presentation. Don’t talk too much about the product and make it a sales pitch, leave these conversations to have on your stand.
  • Expert AMA (ask me anything): host a ques􀆟on-driven session. Get a popular topic session, or a popular/ common challenge that people face and have the session as an open floor.

Depending on the type of session you choose to run, you will have 20 minutes, and this includes time
for a Q&A with the audience.

Session Title

This is really important to get right as it is the first impression visitors will have of your session, so it needs to attract attention. It should be no more than 10 words and give a good indication of what the session is about. We recommend short but descriptive. For example, “Changing expectations of customers”.

Session Synopsis

This should expand on your title and give more detail about your session and be around 70-80 words and give some insight into what you will be covering. Please consider what the audience will gain from your session, so try to make it clear who the session is for.

It can be effective when writing your synopsis, to describe a specific problem or a big question and explain how you will be tackling it.

At the end of your session synopsis provide practical, actionable advice and takeaways so that the audience knows what to expect from your session. You’ll want a minimum of four actionable things that the audience can deploy in their own work.

Technical Rating

To help the audience know the level of technicality for each session, we've got a rating from 1 to 6 to help them know which session to attend for their level. You will have to select a rating for your session.







Content Approval

Once you submit your content it will go to the content team for review. If our title and synopsis don’t match, or if your themes/tags don’t match we’ll be there to help you get these in sync.

Changes can be made up until Friday 22nd of March 2024 when the show guide goes to print.
Following this date, we won’t be able to make any more changes.

Preparing Your Session/Presentation

Presentation requirement:

  • Presentations must be submitted in PPT. (PowerPoint format) or Google Slides ONLY.
  • The theatres are set up for 16:9 to maximise the display.
  • If videos are being used, do not embed the YouTube link, but rather embed it into the presentation itself. (WE CANNOT GUARANTEE STABLE WIFI IN THE THEATRES).

All the sessions at the event will be CPD accredited, therefore all speakers are required to submit their presentations electronically before Friday 12th of April 2024

A/V Set-up

  • Headset microphone – ensure you have given the content team the correct number of speakers for your session to ensure all speakers have microphones. The deadline to inform us is Friday 15th of March 2024.
  • Master laptop to run your presentation – please do not plan to run your presentation off your own computer. We will have the presentations pre-loaded on the master computer. On this, you will also be able to see your presentation notes (if on PowerPoint).
  • Podium – which the laptop will be on
  • Screen & clicker to move through your slides
  • Roving mic for Q&A

On The Day


Your speakers will not need to register for a badge, this will be done for them, and they will collect it on the day when they arrive.

Speakers are asked to arrive at the event at least one hour before their session, and then make their way to the Speaker Desk to be checked in by the content Team.


It is very important that the speaker is in the theatre 10 minutes before the start time of your session. The technician in the room will mic them up and get everything ready.

If using one, the presentation will have been preloaded onto the laptop at the lectern, so by arriving in plenty of time there may be a chance for a quick test/run-through.